Mint Fresh Farms is owned and operated by Patrick and Yuliya Vegele Seboko on three large plots in Ritchie, Northern Cape, South Africa and at present is breeding goats, sheep, chickens and ducks on the one plot, and pigs and feed products on the other two. Patrick is a retired civil servant, and Yuliya Vegele is a qualified civil engineer.


The main objective of the breeding programme is to provide animals for slaughter to the abattoir and for further processing in the meat processing facility, whilst providing eggs from the chickens and ducks. In addition, it provides fertilizer from the animal waste, which is being processed through a biogas digester which in turn provides gas heating etc. for our farm workers.


Mint Fresh Farms has already started cultivating its own feed products; namely lucerne, barley, maize and grass to enable us to produce our own feed for the animals and thereby reduce our outgoing funds.